class ewoksfluo.gui.xrf_result_viewer.XrfResultViewer(parent=None, graph=None, bgrx=True, image_shape=None)[source]

Bases: RGBCorrelator

DrawChildren = 2
DrawWindowBackground = 1
IgnoreMask = 4
class PaintDeviceMetric

Bases: int

PdmDepth = 6
PdmDevicePixelRatio = 11
PdmDevicePixelRatioScaled = 12
PdmDpiX = 7
PdmDpiY = 8
PdmHeight = 2
PdmHeightMM = 4
PdmNumColors = 5
PdmPhysicalDpiX = 9
PdmPhysicalDpiY = 10
PdmWidth = 1
PdmWidthMM = 3
class RenderFlag

Bases: int

class RenderFlags
class RenderFlags(f: QWidget.RenderFlags | QWidget.RenderFlag)
class RenderFlags(a0: QWidget.RenderFlags)

Bases: simplewrapper

acceptDrops(self) bool
accessibleDescription(self) str
accessibleName(self) str
actionEvent(self, a0: QActionEvent | None)
actions(self) List[QAction]
addAction(self, action: QAction | None)
addActions(self, actions: Iterable[QAction])
autoFillBackground(self) bool
backgroundRole(self) QPalette.ColorRole
baseSize(self) QSize
blockSignals(self, b: bool) bool
changeEvent(self, a0: QEvent | None)
childAt(self, p: QPoint) QWidget | None
childAt(self, ax: int, ay: int) QWidget | None
childEvent(self, a0: QChildEvent | None)
children(self) List[QObject]
childrenRect(self) QRect
childrenRegion(self) QRegion
close(self) bool
closeEvent(self, a0: QCloseEvent | None)
colorCount(self) int
connectNotify(self, signal: QMetaMethod)
contentsMargins(self) QMargins
contentsRect(self) QRect
contextMenuEvent(self, a0: QContextMenuEvent | None)
contextMenuPolicy(self) Qt.ContextMenuPolicy
create(self, window: PyQt5.sip.voidptr = None, initializeWindow: bool = True, destroyOldWindow: bool = True)
createWindowContainer(window: QWindow | None, parent: QWidget | None = None, flags: Qt.WindowFlags | Qt.WindowType = 0) QWidget
cursor(self) QCursor

customContextMenuRequested(self, pos: QPoint) [signal]

customEvent(self, a0: QEvent | None)
depth(self) int
destroy(self, destroyWindow: bool = True, destroySubWindows: bool = True)

destroyed(self, object: Optional[QObject] = None) [signal]

devType(self) int
devicePixelRatio(self) int
devicePixelRatioF(self) float
devicePixelRatioFScale() float
disconnect(a0: QMetaObject.Connection) bool
disconnect(self) None
disconnectNotify(self, signal: QMetaMethod)
dragEnterEvent(self, a0: QDragEnterEvent | None)
dragLeaveEvent(self, a0: QDragLeaveEvent | None)
dragMoveEvent(self, a0: QDragMoveEvent | None)
dropEvent(self, a0: QDropEvent | None)
dynamicPropertyNames(self) List[QByteArray]
effectiveWinId(self) PyQt5.sip.voidptr
enterEvent(self, a0: QEvent | None)
event(self, a0: QEvent | None) bool
eventFilter(self, a0: QObject | None, a1: QEvent | None) bool
find(a0: PyQt5.sip.voidptr) QWidget | None
findChild(self, type: Type[QObjectT], name: str | None = '', options: Qt.FindChildOptions | Qt.FindChildOption = Qt.FindChildrenRecursively) QObjectT
findChild(self, types: Tuple[Type[QObjectT], ...], name: str | None = '', options: Qt.FindChildOptions | Qt.FindChildOption = Qt.FindChildrenRecursively) QObjectT
findChildren(self, type: Type[QObjectT], name: str | None = '', options: Qt.FindChildOptions | Qt.FindChildOption = Qt.FindChildrenRecursively) List[QObjectT]
findChildren(self, types: Tuple[Type[QObjectT], ...], name: str | None = '', options: Qt.FindChildOptions | Qt.FindChildOption = Qt.FindChildrenRecursively) List[QObjectT]
findChildren(self, type: Type[QObjectT], regExp: QRegExp, options: Qt.FindChildOptions | Qt.FindChildOption = Qt.FindChildrenRecursively) List[QObjectT]
findChildren(self, types: Tuple[Type[QObjectT], ...], regExp: QRegExp, options: Qt.FindChildOptions | Qt.FindChildOption = Qt.FindChildrenRecursively) List[QObjectT]
findChildren(self, type: Type[QObjectT], re: QRegularExpression, options: Qt.FindChildOptions | Qt.FindChildOption = Qt.FindChildrenRecursively) List[QObjectT]
findChildren(self, types: Tuple[Type[QObjectT], ...], re: QRegularExpression, options: Qt.FindChildOptions | Qt.FindChildOption = Qt.FindChildrenRecursively) List[QObjectT]
focusInEvent(self, a0: QFocusEvent | None)
focusNextChild(self) bool
focusNextPrevChild(self, next: bool) bool
focusOutEvent(self, a0: QFocusEvent | None)
focusPolicy(self) Qt.FocusPolicy
focusPreviousChild(self) bool
focusProxy(self) QWidget | None
focusWidget(self) QWidget | None
font(self) QFont
fontInfo(self) QFontInfo
fontMetrics(self) QFontMetrics
foregroundRole(self) QPalette.ColorRole
frameGeometry(self) QRect
frameSize(self) QSize
geometry(self) QRect
grab(self, rectangle: QRect = QRect(QPoint(0, 0), QSize(-1, -1))) QPixmap
grabGesture(self, type: Qt.GestureType, flags: Qt.GestureFlags | Qt.GestureFlag = Qt.GestureFlags())
grabMouse(self, a0: QCursor | Qt.CursorShape) None
grabShortcut(self, key: QKeySequence | QKeySequence.StandardKey | str | None | int, context: Qt.ShortcutContext = Qt.WindowShortcut) int
graphicsEffect(self) QGraphicsEffect | None
graphicsProxyWidget(self) QGraphicsProxyWidget | None
hasFocus(self) bool
hasHeightForWidth(self) bool
hasMouseTracking(self) bool
hasTabletTracking(self) bool
height(self) int
heightForWidth(self, a0: int) int
heightMM(self) int
hideEvent(self, a0: QHideEvent | None)
inherits(self, classname: str | None) bool
initPainter(self, painter: QPainter | None)
inputMethodEvent(self, a0: QInputMethodEvent | None)
inputMethodHints(self) Qt.InputMethodHints
inputMethodQuery(self, a0: Qt.InputMethodQuery) Any
insertAction(self, before: QAction | None, action: QAction | None)
insertActions(self, before: QAction | None, actions: Iterable[QAction])
installEventFilter(self, a0: QObject | None)
isActiveWindow(self) bool
isAncestorOf(self, child: QWidget | None) bool
isEnabled(self) bool
isEnabledTo(self, a0: QWidget | None) bool
isFullScreen(self) bool
isHidden(self) bool
isLeftToRight(self) bool
isMaximized(self) bool
isMinimized(self) bool
isModal(self) bool
isRightToLeft(self) bool
isSignalConnected(self, signal: QMetaMethod) bool
isVisible(self) bool
isVisibleTo(self, a0: QWidget | None) bool
isWidgetType(self) bool
isWindow(self) bool
isWindowModified(self) bool
isWindowType(self) bool
keyPressEvent(self, a0: QKeyEvent | None)
keyReleaseEvent(self, a0: QKeyEvent | None)
keyboardGrabber() QWidget | None
killTimer(self, id: int)
layout(self) QLayout | None
layoutDirection(self) Qt.LayoutDirection
leaveEvent(self, a0: QEvent | None)
locale(self) QLocale
logicalDpiX(self) int
logicalDpiY(self) int
mapFrom(self, a0: QWidget | None, a1: QPoint) QPoint
mapFromGlobal(self, a0: QPoint) QPoint
mapFromParent(self, a0: QPoint) QPoint
mapTo(self, a0: QWidget | None, a1: QPoint) QPoint
mapToGlobal(self, a0: QPoint) QPoint
mapToParent(self, a0: QPoint) QPoint
mask(self) QRegion
maximumHeight(self) int
maximumSize(self) QSize
maximumWidth(self) int
metaObject(self) QMetaObject | None
metric(self, a0: QPaintDevice.PaintDeviceMetric) int
minimumHeight(self) int
minimumSize(self) QSize
minimumSizeHint(self) QSize
minimumWidth(self) int
mouseDoubleClickEvent(self, a0: QMouseEvent | None)
mouseGrabber() QWidget | None
mouseMoveEvent(self, a0: QMouseEvent | None)
mousePressEvent(self, a0: QMouseEvent | None)
mouseReleaseEvent(self, a0: QMouseEvent | None)
move(self, a0: QPoint)
move(self, ax: int, ay: int) None
moveEvent(self, a0: QMoveEvent | None)
moveToThread(self, thread: QThread | None)
nativeEvent(self, eventType: QByteArray | bytes | bytearray, message: PyQt5.sip.voidptr | None)
nativeParentWidget(self) QWidget | None
nextInFocusChain(self) QWidget | None
normalGeometry(self) QRect
objectName(self) str

objectNameChanged(self, objectName: Optional[str]) [signal]

overrideWindowFlags(self, type: Qt.WindowFlags | Qt.WindowType)
overrideWindowState(self, state: Qt.WindowStates | Qt.WindowState)
paintEngine(self) QPaintEngine | None
paintEvent(self, a0: QPaintEvent | None)
paintingActive(self) bool
palette(self) QPalette
parent(self) QObject | None
parentWidget(self) QWidget | None
physicalDpiX(self) int
physicalDpiY(self) int
pos(self) QPoint
previousInFocusChain(self) QWidget | None
property(self, name: str | None) Any

Each keyword argument is either the name of a Qt property or a Qt signal. For properties the property is set to the given value which should be of an appropriate type. For signals the signal is connected to the given value which should be a callable.

receivers(self, signal: PYQT_SIGNAL) int
rect(self) QRect
releaseShortcut(self, id: int)
removeAction(self, action: QAction | None)
removeEventFilter(self, a0: QObject | None)
render(self, target: QPaintDevice | None, targetOffset: QPoint = QPoint(), sourceRegion: QRegion = QRegion(), flags: QWidget.RenderFlags | QWidget.RenderFlag = QWidget.RenderFlags(QWidget.RenderFlag.DrawWindowBackground | QWidget.RenderFlag.DrawChildren))
render(self, painter: QPainter | None, targetOffset: QPoint = QPoint(), sourceRegion: QRegion = QRegion(), flags: QWidget.RenderFlags | QWidget.RenderFlag = QWidget.RenderFlags(QWidget.RenderFlag.DrawWindowBackground | QWidget.RenderFlag.DrawChildren)) None
repaint(self, x: int, y: int, w: int, h: int) None
repaint(self, a0: QRect) None
repaint(self, a0: QRegion) None
resize(self, a0: QSize)
resize(self, w: int, h: int) None
resizeEvent(self, a0: QResizeEvent | None)
restoreGeometry(self, geometry: QByteArray | bytes | bytearray) bool
saveGeometry(self) QByteArray
screen(self) QScreen | None
scroll(self, dx: int, dy: int)
scroll(self, dx: int, dy: int, a2: QRect) None
sender(self) QObject | None
senderSignalIndex(self) int
setAcceptDrops(self, on: bool)
setAccessibleDescription(self, description: str | None)
setAccessibleName(self, name: str | None)
setAttribute(self, attribute: Qt.WidgetAttribute, on: bool = True)
setAutoFillBackground(self, enabled: bool)
setBackgroundRole(self, a0: QPalette.ColorRole)
setBaseSize(self, basew: int, baseh: int)
setBaseSize(self, s: QSize) None
setContentsMargins(self, left: int, top: int, right: int, bottom: int)
setContentsMargins(self, margins: QMargins) None
setContextMenuPolicy(self, policy: Qt.ContextMenuPolicy)
setCursor(self, a0: QCursor | Qt.CursorShape)
setDisabled(self, a0: bool)
setEnabled(self, a0: bool)
setFixedHeight(self, h: int)
setFixedSize(self, a0: QSize)
setFixedSize(self, w: int, h: int) None
setFixedWidth(self, w: int)
setFocus(self, reason: Qt.FocusReason) None
setFocusPolicy(self, policy: Qt.FocusPolicy)
setFocusProxy(self, a0: QWidget | None)
setFont(self, a0: QFont)
setForegroundRole(self, a0: QPalette.ColorRole)
setGeometry(self, a0: QRect)
setGeometry(self, ax: int, ay: int, aw: int, ah: int) None
setGraphicsEffect(self, effect: QGraphicsEffect | None)
setHidden(self, hidden: bool)
setInputMethodHints(self, hints: Qt.InputMethodHints | Qt.InputMethodHint)
setLayout(self, a0: QLayout | None)
setLayoutDirection(self, direction: Qt.LayoutDirection)
setLocale(self, locale: QLocale)
setMask(self, a0: QBitmap)
setMask(self, a0: QRegion) None
setMaximumHeight(self, maxh: int)
setMaximumSize(self, maxw: int, maxh: int)
setMaximumSize(self, s: QSize) None
setMaximumWidth(self, maxw: int)
setMinimumHeight(self, minh: int)
setMinimumSize(self, minw: int, minh: int)
setMinimumSize(self, s: QSize) None
setMinimumWidth(self, minw: int)
setMouseTracking(self, enable: bool)
setObjectName(self, name: str | None)
setPalette(self, a0: QPalette)
setParent(self, parent: QWidget | None)
setParent(self, parent: QWidget | None, f: Qt.WindowFlags | Qt.WindowType) None
setProperty(self, name: str | None, value: Any) bool
setSelectionMask(*var, **kw)
setShortcutAutoRepeat(self, id: int, enabled: bool = True)
setShortcutEnabled(self, id: int, enabled: bool = True)
setSizeIncrement(self, w: int, h: int)
setSizeIncrement(self, s: QSize) None
setSizePolicy(self, a0: QSizePolicy)
setSizePolicy(self, hor: QSizePolicy.Policy, ver: QSizePolicy.Policy) None
setStatusTip(self, a0: str | None)
setStyle(self, a0: QStyle | None)
setStyleSheet(self, styleSheet: str | None)
setTabOrder(a0: QWidget | None, a1: QWidget | None)
setTabletTracking(self, enable: bool)
setToolTip(self, a0: str | None)
setToolTipDuration(self, msec: int)
setUpdatesEnabled(self, enable: bool)
setVisible(self, visible: bool)
setWhatsThis(self, a0: str | None)
setWindowFilePath(self, filePath: str | None)
setWindowFlag(self, a0: Qt.WindowType, on: bool = True)
setWindowFlags(self, type: Qt.WindowFlags | Qt.WindowType)
setWindowIcon(self, icon: QIcon)
setWindowIconText(self, a0: str | None)
setWindowModality(self, windowModality: Qt.WindowModality)
setWindowModified(self, a0: bool)
setWindowOpacity(self, level: float)
setWindowRole(self, a0: str | None)
setWindowState(self, state: Qt.WindowStates | Qt.WindowState)
setWindowTitle(self, a0: str | None)
sharedPainter(self) QPainter | None
showEvent(self, a0: QShowEvent | None)
signalsBlocked(self) bool
size(self) QSize
sizeHint(self) QSize
sizeIncrement(self) QSize
sizePolicy(self) QSizePolicy
stackUnder(self, a0: QWidget | None)
startTimer(self, interval: int, timerType: Qt.TimerType = Qt.CoarseTimer) int
staticMetaObject = <PyQt5.QtCore.QMetaObject object>
statusTip(self) str
style(self) QStyle | None
styleSheet(self) str
tabletEvent(self, a0: QTabletEvent | None)
testAttribute(self, attribute: Qt.WidgetAttribute) bool
thread(self) QThread | None
timerEvent(self, a0: QTimerEvent | None)
toolTip(self) str
toolTipDuration(self) int
tr(self, sourceText: str | None, disambiguation: str | None = None, n: int = -1) str
underMouse(self) bool
ungrabGesture(self, type: Qt.GestureType)
update(self, a0: QRect) None
update(self, a0: QRegion) None
update(self, ax: int, ay: int, aw: int, ah: int) None
updatesEnabled(self) bool
visibleRegion(self) QRegion
whatsThis(self) str
wheelEvent(self, a0: QWheelEvent | None)
width(self) int
widthMM(self) int
winId(self) PyQt5.sip.voidptr
window(self) QWidget | None
windowFilePath(self) str
windowFlags(self) Qt.WindowFlags
windowHandle(self) QWindow | None
windowIcon(self) QIcon

windowIconChanged(self, icon: QIcon) [signal]

windowIconText(self) str

windowIconTextChanged(self, iconText: Optional[str]) [signal]

windowModality(self) Qt.WindowModality
windowOpacity(self) float
windowRole(self) str
windowState(self) Qt.WindowStates
windowTitle(self) str

windowTitleChanged(self, title: Optional[str]) [signal]

windowType(self) Qt.WindowType
x(self) int
y(self) int