Source code for ewoksfluo.tests.conftest

import gc
import time
import h5py
import pytest
from ewoksorange.tests.conftest import qtapp  # noqa F401
from ewoksorange.canvas.handler import OrangeCanvasHandler

[docs] @pytest.fixture(scope="session") def ewoks_orange_canvas(qtapp): # noqa F811 with OrangeCanvasHandler() as handler: yield handler _close_hdf5_files()
def _close_hdf5_files(): # TODO: ewoksfluo.gui.data_viewer.DataViewer.closeEvent does not get # called so HDF5 stay open and this can cause a SEGFAULT while gc.collect(): time.sleep(0.1) for obj in gc.get_objects(): try: b = isinstance(obj, h5py.File) except Exception: continue if b and obj.close()